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09September 2014

How to wear orange lipstick in Autumn

Dailyfuelforlife -Orange lipstick was a huge makeup trend, here's how to wear it for Autumn and make your lipstick look last

As beauty addicts we all know that orange lips were ridiculously trendy throughout this year’s Spring/Summer season. If you like me gave in and bought an orange lipstick and you are wondering how you can still wear it now that

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31August 2014

Ruffles – How to wear them

Dailyfuelforlife - Here is how you can wear ruffles

The fashion world has had an ongoing love affair with the ruffle for numerous seasons now perhaps because ruffles are a feature that adds instant feminine interest to the overall look. How to wear Ruffles act as their own accessory,

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30June 2014

Clinique launches a “smart” serum that understands the particular needs of our skin?!?!

Dailyfuelforlife -Clinique launches a “smart” serum

And when you think you’ve heard it all in terms of marketing, Clinique launches a new product –a serum to be precise- that claims to “understand the particular needs of your skin, providing custom repair for the damage you see

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30May 2014

My opinion on face masks and a product I love

Dailyfuleforlife-Mademoiselle Gabrielle is a natural, certified organic French cosmetic brand

As a skincare junkie, I am always on the lookout for a good face mask, and rather than using a mask once/twice/three times a week as often recommended, I sometimes apply two in one day! I don’t believe that you

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